Margin notes unrelated to my essay questions

Extract from the Pensions chapter of the Open University Personal Finance textbook.

Extract from the Pensions chapter of the Open University Personal Finance textbook.

I’m not sure this is fully the intention of my personal finance textbook, but one of the things I’m most enjoying about studying economics outside of just a historical context is that the mechanisms of injustice are finally starting to click for me.

I mean, I understand that institutional injustices exist already, but I’m finally also starting to understand not just that they happen, but how they happen. Like, in the extract in the picture, how people with existences different from the assumed default are penalised in old age. Or conversations I’ve had on twitter recently of how Job Seeker’s Allowance enforces financial dependence on your partner, by withholding money if you live with someone who’s employed. (Unless that someone is your parents, bizarrely. Not that I’m unappreciative, but I needed it more when I was living with my partner, to be honest.)

I’m aware I probably sound very naive in this post, but I’m learning, still, to see critically. And un-learning the bullshit.

It's hard work -- but I will learn

Ein Gedanke zu “Margin notes unrelated to my essay questions

  1. Blair Allen schreibt:

    Actually, I am responding based on the picture at the end of the post… „It is hard work, but I will learn.“ Do you know where this image came from. I’ve seen it a couple of times on the web, but i can’t find a source. For some reason, it reminds me of old Tarzan type comics, but the subject matter doesn’t work. Anyway, if you know where it came from, I’d love to know.

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